Audio Blog Post 2: Why We Read

Well friends, here we go again. Due to educational obligations I made another one of these audio blog posts. While they are very fun to make, I must confess I’m glad this one is over. Working with new tech always puts pressure on me, lol. In this weeks audio blog post We discuss why people ready. I also am joined by two guests, who tell us about the first adult books they read, what books they’ve disliked and why they think reading is important. I hope you enjoy. Happy Reading!


Ender’s Game Movie Part 1: The Preview

photo credit to wikipedia

photo credit to wikipedia

Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game has had a massive effect on the Science Fiction genre as well as Modern American Literature. Needless to say, it’s also an exceptionally popular book. It’s been published in tens of languages, it has comics and video games based off of it, and finally, after years and years of waiting, it has been made into a movie. This is the point of this post, to discuss the movie. Now I know what you’re all thinking “But Jeff! This is a blog about books and book reviews! You can’t discuss a movie!!!!” Oh, but my diligent readers, but I can. This is in part because I’m required to by my Multimedia Class a Point Park University in which I use my blog to complete numerous projects. This assignment, which this post will fulfill, is to preview something. What better thing to preview than the movie version of one of my favorite Sci-Fi books which I’ll be seeing very soon.The book Ender’s Game is a very deep and complex book, both in the story as well as into the emotions and character developments that take place inside its many pages. In all honesty I’m quite surprised that the movie has even been made. This is because I’m not entirely sure if you can make a good movie adaptation of the book. So much happens inside of it that how one could really chose what to take out and what to leave in so that the film doesn’t go out of the standard 2 hour format that most films utilize. Based on what I have seen from the trailers it does look rather entertaining. But then again, World War Z looked really good too, but that turned out to a rather poor imitation of the source material. Despite my wariness I do look forward to seeing this movie. After I have seen it, rest assured I shall report back as to my experience.

Survey Results

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The above are various answers by some of our survey takers. This part of our survey was for a school project. This is why I’m posting graphs on a book review blog, so don’t worry if it seems weird. If you filled out the survey please don’t worry. You were kept anonymous and this is demonstrated in all the graphs and the map that is posted as well. Thanks again to everyone who took our survey! The results we got were very interesting and I will put the answers to good use in providing to everyone good content. Cheers!

Survey Time!

Hello All! We would like to hear from you, our loyal followers!Lol. For one of my classes as school I have to utilize a survey and use to to generate various graphs and the like, so I figured this would be a great way for me to learn what you all like and dislike about IB! Please take our survey so that I can pass my class, and so that I can make this blog better for everyone!

Just to let you know…

I just wanted to let everyone know that for the next few weeks I shall be using this blog for a number of purposes for several of my current classes at Point Park University. I will still post at least once a week as I always have. Due to my professors requirement, however, I may have to post some things that really don’t have to do much with books. While this may be a tad annoying this is an exciting opportunity to learn new things and ideas and I hope to add new material to the site which I hope you will all enjoy!