Author Biography: Tom Clancy

Courtesy Wikipedia

Courtesy Wikipedia

Hello all! I hope everyone is well. Please forgive my lack of original posts as of late. It’s been midterms at school and I’ve had trouble catching up. This is besides the point, however. Tom Clancy is probably one of the most famous military fiction authors of the last few years. The names of his character, Jack Ryan is a household name and many of Mr. Clancy’s books have been made into very successful film. Case in point The Hunt for Red October starring Alec Baldwin. As many of you know, much to our grief, Tom Clancy recently died at the young age of 66. His cause of death has yet to be known publicly. For decades, Mr. Clancy’s novels have influenced the course and tone of the Military Tech genre of literature. Besides the many books and movies that have Tom Clancy’s stories as their base material there are also numerous games under the Tom Clancy moniker. It is hard to deny Tom Clancy’s effect on Modern American Literature.

Due to a school project I have been required to do Mr. Clancy’s Author Biography through the use of audio, rather than that of the written word that I usually use as my main medium. I’ll be the first to admit that this audio isn’t the best quality, but please bare with me this was my first time using the equipment. I hope you enjoy listening to it in the same respect I had while making it. The music in the background is that of the theme from the movie version of The Hunt for Red October


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