World War Z (The Movie)


To start off this is a movie review and I understand that since this is a book blog it’s rather odd to do this. However, in my review of the book World War Z  I promised that I would post my thoughts on the movie after I had seen it. After having seen it I can confirm that the movie was what I had feared. Something Awful.

I feel that the writers of this movie essentially took a copy of World War Z, threw it in the air and hacked it up with a knife, and whatever pages the caught (which wasn’t a lot) was put in the movie. There were only about three instances from the book that were actually in the movie. It begs the question of why even give the movie the same title as the book. The only thing the two had in common was the fact that they had zombie, and even the zombies in the movie were different from the book! In the book the zombies are literal walking corpses that decompose as time goes on.  They can’t run and hold no superhuman abilities.  This is not the case in the movie. In the movie they’re more akin to the zombies in 28 Days Later. They’re fast moving and are capable of feats that a normal person is not capable of. Also while the zombies actually eat people in the book, in the movie they just bite and run off. It is is also worth note at the lack of blood or gore in the movie. I’m not saying that they needed the same amount of gore as they had in the Saw Franchise, but if you’re being bitten in the thought you usually tend to at least spirt a tiny bit of blood.

Another problem with the movie when compared with the book is the movie’s complete lack of political scope. Half the point of the book was the problems that arise for the still existing government when dealing with the undead hordes. In the movie it’s mentioned in passing that the US President as the Vice President and several members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are dead and that’s it. Well How are other countries faring and who the hell is in command of the US? While the movie makes it seem that most governments are collapsing the UN is still functioning, at least with the help of the US military. In the book the UN is more or less destroyed and is only brought back to functioning capacity years after the war against the undead begin. I find it hard to believe that in this situation that the US military would devote any resources to a failed organization such as the UN.  Only two other countries are mentioned, Israel and North Korea. Israel somehow builds a superwall around much of their nation. This does happen in the book, but in the movie it’s built within a month, while in the book it takes at least 6 to year for them to set it up, which let’s be honest is more realistic for a country rather than a single month. North Korea’s answer to the problem is to pull out the teeth of every single citizen so when one person is infected they can’t bite anyone. At this I actually leaned forward in my seat, shaking my head trying not to scream in the theater. In the book the entire population disappears. Most in the book believe that the entire population went into underground bunkers and continue to live there. I like this situation much better than the one discussed in the movie as it leaves a lot of potential open for future use.

Another problem with the movie was the main character, played by Brad Pitt. The character, Gerry Lane, is a completely hollow individual who, after having worked with the UN for number of years, somehow has the same capabilities as a Navy Seal. Some of the things he does in the movie are just so far above and beyond what a normal person could do that it seems like he can solve the entire global problem on his own. The character isn’t helped by the fact that Brad Pitt can’t act, but then again in an action movie all you need to do is be able to run and read so I wasn’t expecting too much from him in the first place.

To put it simply, the movie was an abortion. They had a chance to redefine the entire zombie genre and they blew it. This is unforgivable. I would not recommend this movie.


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