Hungry by Dan Parme

I feel that it is a very good and wonderful thing to take pride in the place you were born and have lived most of your life. Afterall the place you call home will have an amazingly large impact in who you are and how you develop into a full fledged member of society. What sports team you like, what foods you eat, even how you talk is influenced by where you grow up. In my case I am from the “Paris of Appalachia”, Pittsburgh, PA. Being from Pittsburgh (a city which in my opinion is often overlooked in good literature) I will occasionally read books that take place in my home. It’s fun to read descriptions of places and things that you already know or have already visited. This is one of the things that drew me to the book Hungry by Dan Parme. Much of this easy read is located in or around my fair city, namely in the downtown and drinking district.

The second thing that drew me to this book was the plot. In short its about cannibals. The main character is the sole survivor of a devastating plane crash in Alaska, where he is forced to eat the remains of his friends to survive. Upon being rescued he becomes an instant celebrity. It is then that he inadvertently falls in with a secret society that has some rather unsavory secrets.

As I said above this story is a very easy read. It’s also light hearted with a dash of seriousness. It also shows a side of Pittsburgh that has nothing to do with the sports teams its known for and takes time to show people as they are rather than with their terrible towels. The characters are also believable and likeable. I highly recommend this book for a quick relaxing read. It’s a very enjoyable work and a great starting novel for the author, Dan Parme.


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