A WIld Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami

Every now and again reality tends to get boring. This is unsurprising as we often must conform to a monotonous schedule due to work, school, household chores, or some mixture of the three. We all have ways of getting over the monotony. Our days off are a nice time to shake things up, we also have little high points that keep us going throughout the week.

A Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami, a famous Japanese author, tells the story of how a strange turn of events causes one man to break his own daily monotony. The nameless protagonist is a PR rep at a small company owned by him and an old friend of his. A simple picture of a sheep with a strange star mark on its coat that the protagonist uses as a background for an ad causes the man to be sent on a hunt for the sheep across the Northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. He is joined by a nameless woman who’s “magic” ears help him to his goal. Along the way they meet colorful characters, all of whom who seem to have a strange connection to sheep.

This book is a wonderful example of Magic Realism. Its characters and the events they’re involved in a very strange and serious. Their seriousness often make the book comical at points. The writing was a bit dry for me at first. Although I think this was a problem on my part. I wasn’t used to the soft easy style that Murakami writes in, but once I got used to it it became quite a relaxing read.


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